Monday, August 2, 2010

Dulce de Yummy Bars

First off, Happy Birthday Mom! I thought you would appreciate this recipe!

This is my version of a similar recipe I saw in a magazine a few months ago. The crust of this dessert is like a soft sugar cookie and the filling is a chocolate and caramel dream!  Be aware though that these are highly addictive!

Disclaimer: I normally hate cutesy names for recipes. I think the recipe title should tell you what the dish is all about. In this case, I couldn't come up with a better name and Dulce de Yummy is as descriptive as I could think of on a late Sunday night. I appologize. :)


  • The bottom layer can be difficult to spread. Make sure the pan is well greased. You may want to spray your hands with cooking spray of flour them (yep, flour your hands) as well. 

  • Cans of dulce de leche can be found near Latin/Hispanic foods in most grocery stores. If you can't locate any, sweetened condensed milk may be used, but won't yield the same "caramely" flavor.

Dulce de Yummy Bars

1 box yellow cake mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup vegetable oil
6oz chocolate chips
14 oz can dulce de leche
1/4 cup butter

Mix first three ingredients in a medium bowl until it forms a sticky dough. In a greased, 13x9 pan, pat 3/4 of the mixture down to form the base.  Melt together the chocolate chips, dulce de leche and butter. Stir well to combine. Spread on top of first layer. Place large spoonfuls of remaining cake mix mixture on top. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until the golden.  Cool completely before cutting into bars.



eof777 said...

What an exquisite dessert. Yummy!!! I will use that recipe. Thank you!
Glad I stopped by from Nan's follow me Monday list. I have followed you and will stop back to enjoy your posts.
Have a great week!

Holly said...

Found you through FMM
This looks/sounds yummy so I think I'll have to try it!

Nan said...

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Yenta Mary said...

O ... M ... G ... :) How perfect would that be with my morning coffee???

-c-h-i-e said...

stopping by from FMM...I agree with Yenta Mary, looks great with coffee :)

One 2 Try said...

YUM! You always make me hungry. Thanks for participating in Fancy Meeting You. Rita from One 2 Try

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