Sunday, June 27, 2010

I've Been Published!

On Thursday, I received a piece of mail that I've been waiting since February to receive. Advance copies of the three Gooseberry Patch cookbooks I will have recipes published in! I submitted several recipes to Gooseberry Patch last summer (that was actually what inspired me to start this blog). In February, I received letters telling me that not one, not two but FIVE of my recipes would be published between three different cookbooks! The letters happened to come right around my birthday, and what a great gift it was!
As I mentioned, advanced copies of those three books arrived on my doorstep Thursday. I have to admit that I literaly jumped up and down upon opening the package!
The first of the cookbooks is called Homemade Harvest.  It's a marvelous addition to the Gooseberry Patch collection, filled with recipes that, much like this blog, are inspired by the flavors of Autumn. The book contains three of my recipes in it, Maple-Pineapple Ham, Raspberry Crumb Cookie Bars and Spicy Pumpkin Warm-Up. The Maple-Pineapple Ham is a flavorful glaze that compliments an oven baked ham so well. The Raspberry Crumb Cookie Bars use prepared sugar cookie dough as a crust and are finished with an easy to make crumb topping. Spicy Pumpkin Warm-Up is a thick, delicious drink made from pumpkin and happens to be a wonderful alternative to hot coccoa on a cold night.
101 Autumn Recipes is the second book with one of my recipes. It's a beautiful cookbook with amazing full color photography of each recipe. The No-Bake Pumpkin Butterscotch pie is mine in this book.  It's absolutely as good as it sounds!
The final cookbook coming out is Homemade Christmas. It's chock full of amazing, made-from-scratch recipes and crafts.  The recipe I had published in it will have to remain a secret for now. I want it to be a surprise for someone special (more on that another day). One hint though, is that it's mentioned on the back of the book!

These books won't be available for sale until August but you can pre-order them on Amazon right now. Just click the link/title of each cookbook above. I'm not going to publish any of these recipes on here right now but closer to the books' release date, I might be persuaded to give you a sneak peak of one of the recipes!

Stay tuned and I will have a yummy cookie recipe up for you Tuesday!


~Kristen~ said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! From one fellow published GBP'er to another!!! I have a short essay about my love for Autumn published in Homemade Harvest!!! I got my copy the other day, too!!! So exciting!!!

Holly said...

Congratulations! That is so awesome!

Kel said...

That is awesome!! Congrats!!

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